The Comparison Of Benefits Of Living In The City Versus The Village

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Mabel Osgood Wright once said, “In the city at best one lives the life of others, the life of the shop, the street, the crowd, while in the country one must live one’s own life. “To live among others in the city, or to live for oneself in the country. Which would you choose? Between living in a city or country has made an impact on people’s lives because of their different life experiences and different purposes of why they live in a large town or on large farmland. Modern people are more likely to live in the city. Although the rurban is very peaceful, there are many benefits to live in the urban. The city and country opportunities are vastly different. For instance, most big cities are crowded and people are competing for jobs but the offer for career employment possibilities are fantastic. While most people who live in the country are a lot less crowded and have fewer job options, that isn't a bad thing. The concept of living in the city or country can be different than we expect because of our experiences growing up. That could be a good thing or a bad thing.

Most cities are known for their culture, social life, and the unending list of events. For example, there are numerous museums, sports games, restaurants, and coffee shops in the cities. Above that, there are a lot of various choices of what you want to do. Not only that, but you are more likely to be closer to public services such as fire stations, police stations, and hospitals. Yes, it is very nice to live near the emergency services. Furthermore, you literally can do some of the things around in the town at any time even if it’s late at night time. Additionally, we can go to movie theaters and watch a movie for entertainment. A fun fact is that movie theaters are one of the most popular in America culture. In addition, the city skylines could be really beautiful to view. Of course, the job opportunities are excellent in the city because the higher population is the key to keep the stores, jobs, and businesses running on. Overall, city life is very thriving and gives a wealth of opportunities to succeed and receive rich life experiences.

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Sometimes that cities could be an issue in other people’s lives. For example, cities are well known for bad traffic and it isn’t very fun to be stuck in traffic. Traffic could be caused by road construction, car accidents, crowded with cars, or bad weather. Traffic can possibly affect you to arrive late to work or some significant appointments. That affects your job and other people’s jobs. Another thing, the city has a lot of pollution that you can see many litters everywhere. The leavings doesn’t give good fresh air and very unhealthy. The pollution isn’t only on the ground, as well as there is pollution in the water. It is really disgusting to see many junks on the streets and in the water. The pollution definitely doesn’t that good to look up at the sky at night time because they cover up most of it by night lights and pollution. Likewise, the city living cost is very expensive and easy to go broke because there are a lot of places to go and spend the money on for our entertainment. Not only that, the costs of houses and refuel gas for cars are more expensive in busy towns. All things considered, city life is not always perfect and our dreams don’t always go as planned.

Currently, the country life is very well known for peace, breathe some fresh air, a smaller number of people, and less bad driving traffic. The country frequently has its own charm that else place doesn’t have. Indeed, the country has its best to be one with nature and fresh air with less pollution. The country is cleaner because that’s where most of the trees have a lower chance to get limbed. The trees normally provide clean air. Additionally, at night time the sky will be absolutely clear without any clouds and highly possible to see the tons of stars. Also, the country is a perfect place for people who like to stay quiet or peace. Moreover, people who live in a small village are standardly very friendly and willing to help other people. Again, it doesn’t give a lot of problems with traffic so that means the road is at higher speeds, shorter trip time, and fewer vehicles. On the whole, the country has its positives to provide especially happiness and freedom.

On the other hand, people who live in farming could be very unhappy due to the lack of sociable, options, and knowledge about themselves. For instance, most of them have to drive a long trip to their stores and emergency services, so which means the gas will run out easily and it is hard to go to stores at any time. Not only that, but there are limited stores, restaurants, and fast foods, it is because of the population. However, it is easy to know everyone who lives in the same small town and it is strange that people know about other people’s lives. That could be very exhausting to see the same people’s faces every day unless you travel a lot. Sometimes people work extra due to needing more employees or small employees. Without a doubt, the country is impossible to be perfect as your dreams to live very peaceful or without any issues.

In conclusion, the city and the country have their pros and cons to make people’s lives uncomplicated or difficult. Without a doubt, people will need to think deeper as the future might make an impact on people’s lives. Maybe the city or the country is either better but mostly, it is based on how we adjust our lives to fit in. Finally, we still have to choose which one is right for us and is the best option for our lifestyle and make a great choice.

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