Central London Scenery at Night

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Above the cracked, ashy pavements of Central London rose the milky exterior of Melton Square. The dustbins outside rattled fiercely as the wind echoed through the surrounding trees like a freight train. There were two sides to the apartment blocks; one side was urban chic, with brightly coloured, bold, patterned curtains and IKEA Billy bookcases. The far side was rundown and decrepit. It had had worn net curtains that had long ago been white but were now a dull grey, and there were washing lines strung from balcony to balcony with blue council worker and fast food uniforms hanging from them. I packed my bag with the few belongings I could fit – a pair of sturdy trousers, several T-shirts and an extra pair of trainers along with a crumpled up twenty pound note and some change. I trudged down the cold jagged steps knowing I would not be missed, however the stares from the balcony above followed my every move as I walked down the estate, watching me eagerly like a hawk watches it’s prey.

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The streets were quiet and empty. Ten o’clock at night and the sun had almost disappeared. I stopped to rest, sitting on a crumbly brick wall and watched as the glow from the burning star lit up the regularly clear blue sky with radiant pinks, stunning shades of violet and glowing oranges, and now as the first signs of the stars appearing bright in the sky. Golden shadows appeared, stretched along the gilded streets as the towering city blocks began to come to life in the city that never sleeps. the street lamps flickered on one by one, as the cars turned on their lights to guide their way through the winding roads and blustering traffic and the skyscrapers lights turned on from the bottom, the lights climbing their way to the very top like a game of High Striker. time caught up to me and i realised i had stood there for half and hour watching the city bloom into life as if it were a rose in the morning of spring. The city was my escape. I watched in awe of my surroundings until the sky became a blanket of clouds over the city. Puddles of rain filled the gaps between the uneven concrete, reflecting the eerie glow of the street lamps. The tall towers that loomed over me, watching my every move as I caught frantic glances of the shadows belonging to figures that were not there. I began to shiver as a cold chill suddenly brushed past me. Feelings of fear and regret overpowered me. Why had I run away? Why had I left? And most importantly, where was I?

I had been so fixated on getting as far as possible from my home that I hadn’t stopped to notice where i actually was. The hustle and bustle of the night was abrupt and quickly overwhelmed me. There was a shrieking of police sirens then a whoosh of double decker buses and roaring Ferraris. At that moment, a small lump formed in my stomach and i started to feel sick. The city that had fascinated me mere seconds ago now left me fearful. the oppressive night air grasped me, I suddenly felt small, helpless against the blockade of towers that loomed viciously over the city. Just then A cab broke through the end of the street. The small car pulled up in front of me as I stood there distracted, paralysed. The tires screeched as it skidded to a halt, and when the car door opened steadily I instantly felt a rush of relief. I vaulted into the car, anxious to escape the building anxiety that was forming as a tight knot in my stomach.

I immediately noticed the worn-out leather seats and the odd smell of spilt milk and paint. “Where will we be going tonight Madame?” The driver asked. He was an eccentric looking figure with a tall and skeletal form and spiked rusty brown hair. It unnerved me slightly, for he didn’t look anything like a usual taxi driver. “Melton square” I replied meekly, my hands wringing on my lap and my leg bouncing on the car floor. A pair of close-set eyes shot at me through the mirror. I took a sharp breath in, fear rolling up inside me like the rise of a tsunami. An image of of a girl like me sprawled out on the side of the pavement, blood spilling out of thick gashes across her body, slowly seeping into the cold cement until it was too late flashed across my mind.

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