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What Is The Purpose Of The Literature

Each of us is more or less well-versed in Literature. We know what literature is–fiction, poetry, drama, and many other things we like. More discerning critics may pick on our taste; they may even dismiss it as useless. The reason is only that the layman’s...

Reading A Book Or Watching A Movie

In today’s scenario most of the people watch movies or read a novel for entertainment purposes. Movies and books have some similarities as well as some differences. In this essay, I will compare and contrast books and movies. I will be mentioning a few points...

Comparing The Pros And Cons Of Books And Movies

In modern America, people are always looking for escapism and entertainment. Two of the most popular forms of entertainment that provide escapism are books and movies. Especially in today’s culture where books are constantly being turned into feature films, it is common practice at this...

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