Reading A Book Or Watching A Movie

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In today’s scenario most of the people watch movies or read a novel for entertainment purposes. Movies and books have some similarities as well as some differences. In this essay, I will compare and contrast books and movies. I will be mentioning a few points such as time consumption, cost, entertainment, and much more.

First, Time plays an important role when we talk about books and movies. Reading a book from page to page can take a lot of time whereas movie can be finished in 2-3 hrs. However, some people love to read books for their pleasure. Most the people prefer watching a movie rather than reading a book which requires less effort from your side.

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The second, factor is the cost of books and movies. In comparison to books, movies need much more funds for making them. Books need only the author to be paid but movies need actors, stage or set to perform, makeup artists and many other things which cost a lot of money to them. If for instance movie goes flop it will cost a huge loss whereas on a book they will stop printing which costs a few thousand dollars.

Third, Books are better than movies considering the issue of mind stimulation. While reading a book you think like the author as there are every minor details written whereas in movies it’s a rush which has to be finished in limited time. Some of the things are not so clear while watching movies. From books, we can learn different languages and new vocabulary.

Furthermore, Entertainment is a part of world whose role is to attract the audience. Books that do by attracting people with specific details engage the reader. Movies can be better shared with friends or family because movies are less imaginative which makes them easier. The same cannot be said for, books.

In conclusion, We can say that though, books and movies have their existence they have some similarities. For instance: both are considered to be sources of media and entertainment. Both of the things have the same main idea for the audience. However, they differ in some points such as details, cost and time consumption. So, we can’t conclude which is better s all have their own opinions and view on things. Like old aged like to read books which do not apply on youth age. However both focus on the main ideas.

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