The Impression and the Main Attractions of London

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London the capital city of the United Kingdom has always something more to explore. It is a place where history is interweaving by dealing with diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Downtown London is a whole world in a miniature as you are surrounded by people from all over the world, as a thriving culture, a vision towards the future virtually unmatched… The city infrastructure is also unique, where you can see large castles, red brick buildings, the Thames River, and all the grandiose monuments scattered in the city, a fascinating market, a subway system brilliantly constructed. It is fascinating to see Buckingham Palace, the British Museum, the National Gallery, Westminster Abbey, Madame Tussaud’s waxwork collection, the Tower of London, the three great South Kensington museums (Natural History, Science, and Victoria and Albert), Tate galleries etc.

However, the first thing I do when I get off the plane, is to head to the Oxford Street. This is famous for nice restaurants and famous shops. Although London had developed in a dispersed early stage, such as pre and past-Norman, late medieval and modern. Many of its later suburbs were able to grow around, or within reach of, some existing nucleus such as a church, coaching inn, mill, parkland, by river Thames or common. Old and new Buildings of different ages and architecture help to define the character of residential areas as well as to relieve suburban monotony.

From the old buildings is a nice experience to visit Buckingham Palace next to St. James Park where British heir is sitting. This fortification is huge and looks amazing. You cannot see the Queen Elisabeth II, but you can see the overcrowded square in front of the huge golden entrance door. The London fortress is another wonder of London, located in central London beside the huge river Thames. The old stoned building represents the great power that British Empire had centuries ago. As you go back in time by seeing the Tower of London, you reach the Tower Bridge that brings you up to the modern technology. Movable bridge, either a drawbridge, a vertical-lift bridge, is one of the best sites of London, especially if you are lucky to experience the lifting of the bridge to allow transporter ship to pass.

Trafalgar Square left me an impression as there are many odd objects that catches your eye. The Fountains in the centre of the square. The Nelson’s Column is Trafalgar Square’s most famous statue – sitting proudly at the center of the square. The National Gallery is one of the best museums in London and entry is completely free. Perhaps more oddly, there’s also a statue of George Washington on Trafalgar Square. I miss the pigeons that were a pleasant attraction in the square but in recent years Hawk are hunting pigeons and it eradicated the traditional pigeon population and is a no fly zone for them.

The Big Ben at first impression was breathtaking. The special architecture is irreplaceable and especially the view at night it’s simply gorgeous. It’s a huge building sitting beside the river and the enormous bell and clock make it more unique. London Eye was a magic experience watching the sun set over London. To see the overcrowded street and all the landmarks was a great way to appreciate this vibrant city. Another thing we loved the most was the boat tour across river Thames. London is a great city and has a lot more to explore. It’s impossible to list all the amazing sites, beautiful parks, odd buildings and new neo-modern site at Canary Wharf. Samuel Johnson was absolutely write saying that: “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life”, therefore the London is all that life can afford. It is a place that you can enjoy everything, from cultural diversities, theatre, street music, sightseeing by bus and boat, police horses, and underground trains are fun aswell. Bringing together all this elements makes London the centre of the world and an unreplaceable city that you cannot compare to any other place.

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