In Pursuit Of Joy And Happiness

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Somebody told me yesterday that I will achieve my inner peace when I would finish what I had started. At that time, I haven’t finished my chocolate cake, but I finished it when I got the support of my friend. Same as chocolate cake, we need to finish and accomplish the goals that we have set for ourselves. Every day you have to say it to yourself that you don’t do ordinary because we are extraordinary. Have the guts to believe in yourself because if you don’t, life will become boring, tireless, and quite monotonous. You don’t want that. You want productivity. You want happiness and joy. Understand that happiness and joy come from within, not outside. Every action comes from within, not outside. If you want to change your external environment, it is important that you need to change your inner world. Am I efficient in that? Not, but I’m trying. I’m failing and I’m growing.

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Inside the womb of a mother, a baby adapts to the environment. He or she has got every possible need that gets met. He or she gets fed without an effort. The baby gets taken care of by the movements of his or her mother throughout the day. Naked, he or she sleeps head down and in a curled-up position, surrounded by fluids. His or her home is dark, watery, and warm, with restricted movements and few sounds. His or her senses are in place already: the person inside the womb can hear, see, touch, smell, and taste. Though his or her senses are limited in that comfortable environment that he or she has to adapt to, when he or she is out from the womb, that person gets a taste of the world. The world in which we have to breathe, feed, poop, and sleep. The world where our hustle starts, where the necessity of our actions has to be to prevent any chaos in life. Ladies and gentlemen, in life, human beings need structure and framework to succeed. A human being needs to work on himself or herself to reach that pinnacle he or she has desired. Because think about it: if you don’t work hard, what will your life look like? You don’t want to be lazy. You don’t want to be unconscious of your surroundings. Even if you are unconscious, your body is working with you, so that you can get the best results. Our human body responds to different environments in various cultural and biological ways, like we easily get acclimatize to humidity and different temperatures. Whenever we travel to high altitudes, the cells of our body receive enough oxygen, so that we can adjust. We all the time are psychologically reacting to different environmental stresses such as viral infections, bacterial, water pollution, air pollution, food imbalances, and overcrowding, etc—and our body still finds a way to adapt. It doesn’t want to die, simply because it’s a surviving machine. Most plants and animals cannot survive in harsh environments, but we can. Don’t you realize how special we are? The unconscious mechanisms of our body are working so hard that we can have a good life, then why some of us are lazy? Ladies and gentlemen, let me be honest with you. My journey as a human being started the same as you: from the womb. Just like you all are introduced after the birth to bright lights, shapes, and movements of the world, just like that, I was introduced.

I understand that in life it is very important to have a vision and to work hard so that I can chase that vision with optimal desires and motivations. My inspiration comes from within. That fire inside me is ever-present. It wants to create and inspire. It wants to evoke that world which in today’s dictionary has the name passion written on it. Life usually manifests where you put your energy the best. Yesterday, I put my energy into eating my chocolate cake and I’m proud of it. But what I’m here trying to convey is that just like we enjoy our desserts, or any favorite eating items, why then most people don’t usually enjoy chasing their goals? If our body is working unconsciously so that we can be efficient, then why can’t we be more aware, conscious, and live life lifting ourselves for a bigger cause? I understand that it takes tremendous willpower, courage, and self-compassion to achieve something, break our old patterns of bad habits, and challenge ourselves. Most of the people in today’s world just think about their past continuously, simultaneously, about the future too. Nobody thinks about the present moment. We need to learn this distinction: your past had occurred in the present moment, and your future will too occur in the present moment. We need to be more present because when we are present, we bring more awareness to our world, to our passion; hence, our desire and motivation. Ladies and gentlemen, we also need to take responsibility for our actions because most of the time in our lives we neglect to take huge amounts of responsibilities. If we try to take responsibility, it would help us to follow our routine flawlessly. Routines are nothing but just the collection of habits. Are you the collection of good habits or bad habits? Or in between? Or are you the kind of person who doesn’t have any bad habits but is good in all of them? You are lazy, and let’s just be honest, sometimes we all are lazy. Being lethargic is the mother of bad habits, so being lethargic is ultimately our mother, so we should respect her. But funnily, life doesn’t work that way. Karma doesn’t work that way. Whatever in life you are facing, those problems are meant to be resolved as soon as possible. If we don’t solve it, if we don’t take action, and if we drag those problems with us, life becomes like a burden. It leads to anxiety and stress. Whenever we get anxiety and stress, our brain produces a hormone called cortisol which makes us look old. Now, do you want to look old? No, right? So, take action.

In this technological world, we have been given a lot of opportunities, but we still find a way to distract ourselves. We need to use our technology efficiently and effectively so that we can learn to control it, not the other way around. In today’s world, we also need to understand our emotions. The reason for this is simple. We react easily. Most of us don’t introspect to understand our inner world. We just express the energy of our emotions the wrong way; hence, draining the valuable energy that we have for the day. Our emotions must be aligned with our goals—that bigger cause so that we can align with our body and soul to proceed towards a sense of direction. Remember, whenever you go outside, be kind to people. Show love to them. Ladies and gentlemen, in today’s world—mostly based on the negative aspect of our nature, we need love. We crave love. Revenge is not a mystery, ladies and gentlemen, love is. It is easy to react, and hard to be kind these days, so my request to all of you is to be kind to everyone you meet. The future is in the present moment. If we don’t take care of ourselves, then how can we expect to take care of our earth? Our human species can think. With this, we can develop different instruments such as willpower and having a vision, so that we concentrate to bring awareness to our lives. It will help us to master our minds and emotions. You have the power to organize your mind so that you can bring happiness and joy to your life by chasing your goals. You have the power to dictate everything in your life. Each moment in your life is a choice that you have to take. It is like a chapter. Don’t let other people create your chapters because the book of your destiny has to be written by you, not by somebody else. Understand this because if you don’t, you won’t love yourself. If you love your passion, you bring happiness and joy automatically, you bring consistency, and naturally, you welcome the willpower to move forward in life. I’m not saying to pursue happiness. Just like you can’t purchase wisdom, happiness is like that. It comes with when you take responsibility. Everything is possible. Don’t be afraid of failure. Don’t be afraid to get up. Everything comes when you take action. You are a human. We all are humans. Don’t you forget this, ladies and gentlemen? 

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