My Key Personal Values That Make Up My Individuality

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How do people decide what is the right or wrong way to live and behave? They use their personal values to lead them to make the decisions that they believe are right. Personal values are the way in which individuals decided the way of thinking, believing, and behaving. Each person has their own set of values that make them who they are. It is very important to choose and have a good understanding of what your own values are. For me, my key values in life are responsibility, loyalty, success, thankfulness, and knowledge. Growing up, my parents and teachers were a big part in teaching me responsibility. As a child, I didn’t quite understand how they were teaching me to be responsible. However, as I grew older, I began to realize what they were teaching me was what made me a responsible individual. For instance, my dad always told me if your not fifteen minutes early, your late. That saying is what made me realize that being early can show others that you are prepared, professional, punctual, and motivated individuals.

Apart from this, another one of my personal values is loyalty. I have always had the motto of treat people the way you want to be treated. With that, one of the biggest things I look for in a friend is loyalty. I want to know that person that I call a friend is truthful with me and is not go behind my back. In return, I always tell people the truth and go to them when I have a problem. Having that equal balance of truthfulness is what makes loyalty. The third major value I have is success. My goal in school and life has always been to be the best that I could be. For example, in high school I set myself out to get straight A’s and get the most knowledge I could gather. By having that goal in mind it allowed me to work to be the best that I could be as not only a student, but an individual. It also taught me that if I keep an open mind and believe in myself I could succeed in anything.

My fourth key value I have is thankfulness. In America we have a holiday were we express what we are thankful for. However, I think that should be something we do everyday. Thanks to my parents, I grew up having a reason to be thankful everyday. As I grow older, the terrors that arise on a daily basis with mass shootings and high rise of poverty also give me a reason to be thankful with where I am today. My fifth value I have is knowledge. Knowledge is a vital tool in today's society. Being able to take the time to learn and retain information is key to developing one's wisdom and potential career. For example, in high school I took a nursing class that I had no interest in for my future endeavors, but when I took it, I learned a lot of valuable information. Having that information allows me to know more that I can take on for later in life. Having these set of personal values are what make me who I am. Some people might have the same values as I do, but look at them through a different frame of mind. That's what makes personal values so unique. They are what people hope will make them a better person.

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