How The Happiest Moment Of My Life Has Influenced Me

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People have the memorable moment of their lives that they wanted to cherish until the very last. Having the one who cares and being beside you to enjoy that moment which will last forever in our soul is precious. For myself having the chance to experience both negative and outstanding moments is a key to be successful.

As I remembered it was not easy to overcome your fear, but that is what makes you stronger and believe in yourself. I still remembered one of the happiest memory when the sun was shining on the top of the alps in mid-December during my exchange year in Canada. The mountain was covered by freshly blanketed snow from the winter storm. Finally, the first ski trip after the last winter will begin after a year of break from snowboarding. That moment when joy rushed through me since my best ski mate was going on this trip. At the mountain, we are wrapped up in puffy gear and we could barely walk through the door carrying our board and ski walking like a penguin out to the hills. Suddenly, the winds hallow through our face and we froze but luckily the sun shines is very strong on the freshly snowed hill and I could barely think of how astounding to the top would look like.

So not to waste our time we started from the bunny hills and kept practicing until we thought about something challenging and without a doubt, she gazed at me with a look in her eyes showing that she wanted to challenge ourselves and step out of our comfort zone. So, we decided to go see the thick snow on the top. The feeling anxious hits me hard when we heard mumbling sound from our right, it was the ski lift. The thought about the embarrassing moments of people on ski lift popped up on my mind, I was only thinking that it would not be us. Finally, after waiting for a while it was our turns all my focus was on my board then I forgot about the chair and it swooped me up so fast I felt like it was tiger coming in grabbing me like a deer. I turned to my friend and she looked totally fine. All of a sudden, it started snowing and everything became silent and relaxing. Here comes the thrilling part where we got off the lift with such luck because we did not fall.

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The feeling was quite like euphoria when we reached the top which is all covered in whites. We were able to see the horizon line with the sun shimmering through our goggles. It seems like we are top of the world surrounded by the remarkable view and the biting fresh air and the feeling of joys. However, the new journey was like having a weight on your chest whilst your heart pumps faster because we have never glide down this big slopes before, but the freshly powdered snow makes me can’t stop smiling.

This happiest memory experience has given me various lessons, such as when I knew that taking a risk is worth the outcomes since you have a chance of doing it so do it to the fullest. Moreover, it is challenging to break out of a shell because it is when you decided to step out of your comfort zone and later you will have the strength and courage to keep trying. When I was at the top of the mountain I do falls much time but I got up and continue taking the lift again when I reach the small hills. I learned that I should believe in myself and keep trying because that gives me a handful of joy that I could not get it anywhere else.

Every moment has its uniqueness and stories that are significant to those who are in it. To be able to share it with someone who is your best friend is memorable whenever I flashed back to this memory, it reminds me of how much I learned and faced with my best ski mates. My Canadian life has given me many remarkable memories and lessons that won’t vanish from my soul.

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