Essay Samples on Accident

Creation of Awareness About Road Accidents

Roads are the key element to the development of a country’s economy. It constitutes the basic infrastructure that accelerates the developmental process by providing connectivity and also by facilitating the routes to trade and commerce. Its vitality is further manifested in terms of its role…

Alarming Rate of Fatal Road Accidents in Malaysia

Introduction Fatal road accident can be defined as a death resulting from an unfortunate mishap happened on a public road involving one or more vehicle. According to Tang (2017), Malaysia has the highest road fatality risk among the ASEAN and made it to the top…

Life Of Euglena

There I was, in the middle of nowhere stuck on a boat with a Cladoceran. It was a life or death situation. I was stuck on a boat with the one thing that can eat me. Let me tell you how it all started… It…

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