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Ignorance Is A Bliss: Finding Power In Information

The statement, ignorance is bliss implies that not having information about something negative makes one happy. Ignorance might be motivated or natural due to inadequate education or limited access to information. Some people find motivated ignorance to be invaluable especially in avoiding information that they...

Knowledge & Understanding Of Ignorance In A Bible

The Republic contrasts forms, which is knowledge, form opinion, represented by appearances and its benefits in leadership. Knowledge, from a biblical basis is acquired through the Holy Spirit as a gift. In Theological-Political Treatise, knowledge is the basis of understanding the role of a state...

Socrates' Ignorance to the Mythological Concept

Myth has been known to play an important role in the lives and beliefs of people throughout time. Myth is often more closely associated with ancient Greece and its use in telling their history and creation stories. People would worship the many Greek gods and...

The Ignorance of Reality in the Ancient Times

Two prominent and correlating idioms of today are widespread throughout society. Firstly, that “Ignorance is bliss”. Secondly, that “what you don’t know can’t hurt you”. We live in a society dominated by these common phrases. Demonstrated in ancient times by two complacent and stubborn brothers...

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