Essay Samples on Fashion

The Critical Reception of Gucci's Marketing Campaign

Background Information This report will be conducted on the high-end designer fashion brand, Gucci. Gucci is an Italian fashion label founded by Guccio Gucci in 1921, making it Italy’s oldest fashion brand in the market today. During Gucci’s early days, the brand started out as...

The Broader Implications of Society in Gucci's Brand

“Conspicuous consumption usually implies the purchase of luxury goods with the purpose of signaling wealth and status” (Johnson, Tariq, and Baker, 2018) is taken from an article describing the effects of luxury products, which is the perfect way to describe the impact of the infamous...

Surfing Subculture and Its Link to Fashion

The first chapter begins with a quote by the famous Duke Kahanamoku, considered the father of modern surfing (SurferToday). This expression has been chosen to represent each individual linked to the surf-culture. The devotion to water is supreme and only within it one wants to...

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