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1960s Dress Type: Main Concepts of Influence

The 1960s dress type was the type of revolutionary fashion that only people with true fashion sense could sport. These dresses were made to assist you in leashing out your true fun-loving and bold self. This decade of fashion was ideal for showing your artful...

The Evolvement of 1920s Fashion and Trends

 Fifty years before the 1920s, each decade developed a persona of trends that influenced the evolvement of 1920s fashion. A continuation of the 1870s frizzy bangs or loosely piled curled locks took on the impact of hairstyles In the 1880s, skirts were narrow folded, draped,...

Taekwondo, Music and Co-creating Own Fashion Line

One of the main reasons I want to study architecture is my passion for French Romanesque-style buildings. It is my ambition to one day contribute to the construction of these. This passion stemmed from my visits to France as a child. On these trips, I...

Justification Of Animal Cruelty In The Name Of Fashion

Cruelty of animals have always been around and countless of innocent animals gets abused or killed on a daily basis every single day, without fail. It is prevalent around the world with many newspaper articles being released on cases of animal abuse in all sorts,...

Cultural Appropriation In Fashion Industry

To understand what actually is cultural appropriation is we need to know what culture meaning is. Definition of the word culture is “the ideas, customs, and social behavior of a particular people or society.” When those specific things have been stolen from one culture or...

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