1960s Dress Type: Main Concepts of Influence

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The 1960s dress type was the type of revolutionary fashion that only people with true fashion sense could sport. These dresses were made to assist you in leashing out your true fun-loving and bold self. This decade of fashion was ideal for showing your artful spirit without having any regrets. If you also want to look like the fashion diva of 1960s, you should grab your 1960s vintage dress type right away! The 1960s was a decade of fashion and was divided into three parts; the Early 1960s, the Mid 1960s, and the Late 1960s which favoured Mod style, Beatnik style, and Hippie style respectively.

The mod style of fashion incorporated within itself the modern designs printed on bright and bold colours. The outfits made in this period usually had short hemlines and minimalist style. These dresses not only made you look great but were also incredibly gorgeous and comfortable to wear. If you also want to adopt this mod style, then try going for A-line dresses paired with square-toe heels.

The beatnik style of fashion was for the ones who had a deep interest in arts. Dresses of this style were worn by literature enthusiasts and those who were poetry and music lovers, especially the Jazz music maniacs. Black turtlenecks, black and white striped tops, trousers, and berets were the popular choice of this time. If you are also a literature addict, then you better update your wardrobe with beatnik style fashion items.

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The hippie style, taking its roots from the beat movement, was ideal for expressing the rebellious attitude of a person. This style instantly became a symbol of celebration of liberty. People were growing their hair long and wearing bellbottom jeans to show their wild side. Fringing and floral prints were common. People were fond of wearing peasant blouses made out of colourful fabrics teeming with bold designs. Now, it is time for you to add some colourful and daring hippie style outfits to bring out the best rebellion in you.

Mini skirts made a huge entry in the 1960s and are still one of the most favourite clothing items in today's world. Unapologetically short, these skirts were for those who dared to do something bold and brilliant. In the summer season, these were worn with boxy tops and sandals, whereas in the winter season, mini skirts were usually worn with warm turtlenecks and boots. These skirts came in various colours and prints and were extremely easy to match with your favourite top.

Shift dresses were a product of revolution and were made in an A-line style. These dresses usually had short hem and were worn with nude tights. Trimmings, buttons, and white collars were some of the designs these dresses were adorned with. People also had the option of white belts to go with their shift dresses for added perfection. Shift dresses were an exciting but classic take on the fashion of the 1960s. Bold prints were the main attraction of the fashion industry of the 1960s. Bright polka dots, geometric shapes, loud floral prints, and striking patterns were the high trend. These prints were an excellent way of expressing the attitude of freedom and fun.

Colours were not only restricted to dresses and skirts but were also for tights. Colourful tights were being made on considerable scales to match the colours of the outfits that one was to wear. A lot of mixing and matching was also going on, and people would coordinate the colours of their tops, skirts and tights to make an even bold impression. Coloured tights also came in various prints and designs and were a smart addition to the outfits. Go-Go boots were considered extremely exceptional footwear in the 1960s. These boots were usually white, had mid-calf length and low heels and were popularly worn with mini skirts. Over time, different colours and lengths were introduced for these boots, which made them look even chicer.

The dresses popular in the 1960s were the stunning examples of high fashion and continue to inspire people even today. This is the reason that people still like to follow the vintage dress fashion that was prevalent in that decade. The fashion of the 1960s not only makes you look bold but also adds to your style massively. So, the next time you are going out on a shopping spree, don't forget to add 1960s dress type articles to your fashion list. 

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