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1960s Dress Type: Main Concepts of Influence

The 1960s dress type was the type of revolutionary fashion that only people with true fashion sense could sport. These dresses were made to assist you in leashing out your true fun-loving and bold self. This decade of fashion was ideal for showing your artful...

How The Events Of The 1960s Have Shaped America

“People blame the 1960s for just about everything these days, but it was the decade when all that post-war furtiveness and small-mindedness was finally blown open, and opportunity really came knocking,” (Boyd 1). Life would be completely different if it weren’t for some of the...

The Hardships and Evolution of New York in 1960s

In the 1960s, New York faced economic hardship, crime rates and ethnic tensions increased to its peak. After Lindsay's winning coalition of wealthy Republicans and Liberal Democrats reformed but during his first term, he was only involved in racial politics and seemed to forget completely...

The Turmoil Period of 1960s in United States of America

America faced a tumultuous period during the 1960s, which was plagued by the Vietnam war, political upheavals and social unrest (Culbert, 1998; Anderson, 1999). Notable figures like Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert F. Kennedy were assassinated for advocating civil rights, which pushed against societal...

The Role of Religion in 1960s in Shaping the Country

Religion has played a big part in shaping the United States. It is important in many ways, bringing tradition, diversity, and sometimes peace. The 1960s was an important decade when it comes to religion. Without many events that occurred in those years, our nation would...

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