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The Evolvement of 1920s Fashion and Trends

 Fifty years before the 1920s, each decade developed a persona of trends that influenced the evolvement of 1920s fashion. A continuation of the 1870s frizzy bangs or loosely piled curled locks took on the impact of hairstyles In the 1880s, skirts were narrow folded, draped,...

The Revolutionary Events of 1920s: Model T, Red Scare

The 1920’s was a decade of change that roared throughout the country but ended with one of the worst economic crisis the United States had ever seen. For the first time most Americans owned cars, radios, and telephones and in addition more citizens lived in...

The Intolerance Throughout the History of 1920s in US

From 1850 to 1914, 40 million people immigrated to the USA, known as the “Land of the Free”, where they would be free from persecution and bad working conditions, and would instead live in a land of space, opportunity, and a better lifestyle overall. However,...

The Role of Canadian Women in the 1920s

World War One was a depressing and horrific event that took place during the years 1914-1918. Many lives were taken over the span of the war and countless changes took place during and after the war to adapt to the situation at hand. Canada gained...

The Increase of Organised Crime in the Roaring Twenties

The 1920s are considered to be an era of dramatic socio-political changes, that essentially embodied the beginning of modern America. World War I (1914-1918) had just ended, and the country had already been through and survived the worldwide influenza epidemic (1918) with an immense number...

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