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The Impact of Racism in Post-Apartheid South Africa

In Trevor Noah’s memoir Born A Crime, one of the main topics that is discussed is racism. This is a very serious topic that is being touched on throughout the entire memoir. The memoir is about how the protagonist Trevor Noah was basically Born A...

How Nelson Mandela Fought and Won Against the Apartheid

Great job you won Nelson Mandela! In 1994 segregation ended by the help of Nelson Mandela, Nelson did some bad things but also he did some good things, one of the good things he did was putting a stop on racial he made things most...

Apartheid Will Never Truly End

Throughout the years of history, people have been upbraided according to their race, color and ethnicity. The all white regime commenced imposing subsisting policies of segregation and racism under a system of legislation which were amongst the many controversies that led into the civil war....

Reshaping Post-Apartheid South Africa through Nationalism and Cosmopolitanism

South Africa, a nation once deeply divided by apartheid, is now trying to mend its wounds by uniting under the banners of cosmopolitanism and nationalism. South Africa’s vital interest lies in the need to strengthen its national identity whilst recognizing its role in contributing to...

Nelson Mandela: The End to Apartheid

Abstract After the success of the Industrial Revolution, Great Britain sought interest in expanding their establishments and discovering more natural resources throughout Asia and Africa; which is referred as the Imperialism movement. By the 1900s, most of Africa was attained by Western powers. They bought...

The Role of Protest Theatres in the History of South Africa

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In 1948, the apartheid regime began. Apartheid was a system instituted in order to create racial segregation. As a result of this segregation came acts of resistance and protest, some peaceful others not so much. One form of peaceful protest was protest theatre. Which was...

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