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Food Intake in Australia During the 1950s

The daily food intake of an Australian living in the 1950s is extremely different to the food intake of an Australian today. The contrary is that in the 1950s, the standard dinner that most Australians had was the typical meat which was always the main...

The 1950s: The Decade of Conflict of Generations

“The reward for suffering is experience. ” This quote said by Harry S. Truman, the President in the 1950s, represents the title of this paper very well. The multiple conflicting events that was faced during that period is what caused the president of the time...

The Sexism Against Women as Portrayed in 1950s Media

Have you ever thought or the nostalgia to lead a perfect family life without problems and to be accepted in society, as portrayed in TV shows or series? They think of being in white families leads to a relaxed life and getting better chances. In...

Analysis of The Searchers cinematography in relation to Hollywood in the 1950s

In John Ford’s western film, The Searchers (1956), Ford innovatively utilizes cinematography, lighting, color, and camera angles in order to illustrate the reflection of Hollywood in the 1950s and American culture. The detailed establishing shots assist Ford in demonstrating the context of the film for...

How "I Love Lucy" Reflects the Values of Society in the 1950s

Essay grade Excellent

I Love Lucy is a T.V. show of 180 episodes of 25 minutes each, in black and white, created by Jess Oppenheimer, Madelyn Pugh, and Bob Carroll Jr. and broadcast between October 15, 1951, and May 6, 1957, on the CBS network. This humorous series...

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