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The New Deal: A Success Or A Failure

One area of disagreement between historians is the role the President played in administering New Deal policies and consideration towards African Americans. Clearly, McMahon outlines that Roosevelt was driven by internal demands within the administration rather than race itself. McMahon’s main focus lies in revealing...

Plessy Vs Ferguson: The Legal Case

Contextually, preceding the progressive period urbanization was rapidly increasing as immigrants flooded into America’s cities. Urbanization spurred by never before seen levels of immigration from southern and eastern European countries changed America’s demographics and population. Industrialization helped by increasing urbanization and immigration quickly increased as...

Cultural Appropriation During The Harlem Renaissance 

The Roaring 20’s is trademarked for its cultural advancement and flashy lifestyle; however, frequently overlooked are the dark spots of this time period. defines cultural appropriation as, “the act of adopting elements of an outside, often minority, culture without understanding or respecting the original...

The Inaugural Address Of John F. Kennedy

The 1960s were considered to be one of the most violent generations in American history, which evoked depressing memories of the Vietnam War, and Civil Rights Protests. Furthermore, people during that time period witnessed the assassinations of U.S. President John F Kennedy and Martin Luther...

History Of The Hurricane Camille

Beginning on August 14, 1969, Hurricane Camille traveled through the East Coast, with the most damage in Alabama, Virginia, Florida, and landfall in Mississippi and Cuba. Hurricane Camille has been named the second most intense hurricane, the third strongest tropical cyclone, and is one of...

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