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Historical Significance Of Jourdon Anderson's Letter: A Free Man's Letter

Jourdon Anderson was once an enslaved African American whose former owner was Colonel P.H. Anderson. Colonel Anderson had written to Jourdon sometime after Jourdon became freed around August 7, 1865 and wanted him and his family to come back to Tennessee and work for and...

The Reconstruction Era Revolutionaries: Jourdon Anderson's Letter

1865 marked the end of the American Civil War resulting in the emancipation of African Americans with the thirteenth amendment. Although they were freed from slavery, the period after the Civil War was still very difficult for African Americans as they faced economic and political...

Opening the Eyes to the Truth of Jourdon Anderson's Letter

To the people who have endured and survived enslavement for about 250 years in America, the word freedom meant everything. It meant families would stay together and women would no longer be sexually abused. It meant freedom to move around without having to receive approval....

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