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The Effect of Unoka on Okonkwo’s Life in "Things Fall Apart"

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In “Things fall apart”, Chinua Achebe illustrates how Unoka casts a shadow over Okonkwo’s prosperous life. Instead of diminishing and waning, as a result of his maturity and his father’s death, it merely magnifies with time. Incipient fear becomes an inherent obsession to not be...

Augustus: The Life of the Greatest Roman Emperor Ever

After Julius Caesar, known as dictator for life, was assassinated in Rome by the senate in 44 BC, his grand nephew and adopted son, Octavian, took his place. Some people believe that he was not a good leader because he fought against the other two...

Augustus: Altruistic Autocrat and Generous Emperor

The rise of the Roman Empire was a turbulent period following Augustus's triumph in the Battle of Actium when he became the first Roman emperor (McKay 155-156). Augustus narrates his transformation of Rome from republic to autocracy in his autobiography Res Gestae. Upon investigating this...

Restoration of the Roman Empire with Help of Great Augustus' Leadership

Octavian was considered a lucky man. He defeated Mark Antony and Cleopatra at the Battle of Actium in northwestern Greece. After the Battle of Actium, all of his enemies were killed and he was able to establish a one-man rule that would bring back stability...

The Reformation and Laws of the Roman Empire during the Augustus Rule

Augustus Caesar was born into an already well known family in 63 BCE. He was the son of a senator and the great nephew of Julius Caesar, the Dictator, on his mother's side. Augustus’s father died when he was still young, and his Grandmother, Julia...

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