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History Of The Foreign Policies Of The U.s. Towards Latin America

U.S. first started to get involved in Latin America in the 19th century with its focus on limiting the influence the Europeans had in Latin America with all their economic and military forces. This led for a policy called the Monroe Doctrine to be created...

Major Changes In Social And Political In The United States In 1820 To 1830

There were major changes in the United States of America in the first half of its century very significant, that today you can observe these changes as one of positive development in national and historical events. We can mention many of these such as slavery...

The Impact of Monroe Doctrine on the Spanish-American War

Living in a post-industrial, post-internet era where the entirety of human knowledge has become dispensable in just the click of a button, it has become increasingly difficult for individuals to discern between well-researched journalism and disinformation. However, the legitimacy of news has, even prior to...

Overview of the Monroe Doctrine Document

The late fifth president, diplomat, lawyer, and founding father James Monroe who served from 1718 to 1725 or a total of two terms. Gave an annual message to Congress every year, the one being talked about in particular is the one on the day of...

How Monroe Doctrine Affected International Relations of U.S. with Other Countries

Back in 1823, President James Monroe had informed the world that America became now the reputable protector and defender of the Western hemisphere, and European colonies were not welcome. but in reality, the U.S. became too concerned with its own growth across the North American...

Significance of the Monroe Doctrine in the Cause of Sandinista Revolution in Nicaragua

Identification and Evaluation of Sources This investigation will examine and explore: “How significant was the Monroe Doctrine in the causing of the Sandinista Revolution in Nicaragua?”. In order to be evaluated thoroughly the sources must clarify and depict the whole political, social and economic situation...

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