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Kingdom of Matthias: The Economical and Periodical Ventures

In the early 19th century, the United States began a dramatic economic transformation that would eventually touch the lives of nearly every American. Many people say that the Market Revolution, the name given to this transformation, marked the beginning of modern America. The market revolution,...

Education and the Second Great Awakening

In the year 1730, the very first Great Awakening had struck the Thirteen Colonies and Great Britain. Christianity had now been revived as many actions led to the newfound dedication to religion. The movement spanned over the next decade and half, then was halted. Thirty-five...

Impacts of the Second Great Awakening on America

The Second Great Awakening started among educated people such as Revered revivals that spurred a generation of young men to become evangelical ministers. In the revivals of the early 1800s, thriving preachers were audience-centered and effortlessly recognized by the uneducated; they talked about the opening...

How Second Great Awakening Changed America

The Second Great Awakening marked an incredibly important change in American life, as it promoted a more optimistic view of the human position, relating to god. This changed shift that 1783 did not mark the end of the revolution. Movements such as these and that...

Various Viewpoints and Outcomes of the Second Great Awakening

Generally regarded as a second groundswell of evangelical Protestant religious interest following the Revolutionary War, the Second Great Awakening was more extensive and enduring than the Great Awakening of the 1730s-1740s. While a myriad of viewpoints exist, it is generally recognized that the Second Great...

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