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Diego Rivera: Painting a Revolution

Introduction Politics have always been a recurring theme in art from the Medieval period to the Modern period. People across history have used the canvas and other mediums as a communication tool among the masses, to express approval or disapproval of those in power and...

The Revolution of Science Brought by Marie Curie

Marie Curie was born in Warsaw, Poland, 1867, growing up in an environment that encouraged the seeking of knowledge – and that its importance was not to be underestimated. Although due to political instability, education prospects in Poland were not accessible to the female gender,...

Development and Aftermath of the Cuban Revolution

Before the Cuban revolution, under president Fulgencio Batista, Cuba was plagued with unemployment and limited water infrastructure. Less than 50% of children were given education and hygiene was very poor. Furthermore, Batista was far more dictatorial than anyone had expected. He even let American companies...

The Islamic Revolution In 'Persepolis'

A war can set back many things in life and can come out of nowhere and destroy everything you loved. In 1979 a revolution had happened called “the Islamic Revolution”. Changing many lives and setting back everyone from the life they once had. Marjane Satrapi...

Chinese Political Revolution Led by Mao Zedong

China’s political reform is not the political system reform understood by many Western scholars, which does not involve the change of the basic political framework, but a reform focusing on government governance or government management system. The Chinese path is characterized not only by its...

Failure of Feat? Investigating the Elements of the Easter Rising

The “madness, glorious madness” of the Easter Rising of 1916, as described by O’Rahilly, is viewed by many as both a complete military and political failure. However, although the Rising ended with almost 500 dead, including civilians, alongside Irish rebels and British soldiers, and the...

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