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Historiographical Discourse Around Marxism and Marx's Ideas

Introduction This essay will discuss a gobbet written by Karl Marx in the Communist Manifesto in 1848. It is a very short gobbet, but the subject matter is incredibly loaded and the historiographical discourse that surrounds the notion presented by Marx here is very wide....

Historiographical Records of Twentieth-Century Belfast

Introduction Testimony gleaned from autobiographies and oral histories can enrich our understanding of the cultural, social, and economic life of twentieth-century Belfast. Recording the history of any town with a contentious memory can be difficult and this has certainly proven to be the case in...

Microhistory: Unveiling the Past Through Unconventional Narratives

Introduction During the period between two world wars there was a radical departure from the traditional mainstream historiography which mainly focused on the high-level politics and diplomacy, warfare, and the lives of great statesman. On the contrary they tried to focus on the lives and...

The Importance Of Historiography In Studying History

The word History is derived from the Greek word istorio meaning investigation, research, exploration or information. History is study of the past narrating the life of men and the stories created by them. It narrates how men fought against the entire natural phenomenon for food,...

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