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The Events and Development of the Gulf War

American history has witnessed numerous fights and wars making people to narrate as it happened yesterday. The twentieth century has experienced unfortunate wars battled over the world hence changing the elements of all countries involved. A good example of such wars is the Gulf War...

Don Nardo's The Persian Gulf War and Its Detalisation of Conflicts

The Persian Gulf War By Don Nardo goes into detail about the conflict between Iran and Iraq, Kuwait, United States and more. In the introduction it starts off by stating “The world was stunned on August 2, 1990, by alarming news.[...]¨(7). The alarming news was...

Desert Storm: The First Persian Gulf War in American History

My end of the year project was on Desert Storm. The books used were, Desert Storm- The First Persian Gulf War In American History, written by Debra McArthur, and The Brave Women of the Gulf Wars: Operation Desert Storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom, written by...

The Issues Of External And Internal Security In Iran

In the last 500 years, the borders of Persia have remained pretty much as they are now, losing some regions in the Caucasus and Central Asia. This is due to the presence of natural barriers. The borders of the country are constituted by a coast...

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