Essay Samples on World History

When Weather Altered the History of Nations

Humans make decisions which can influence their everyday lives, and these choices cumulatively reflect in the direction of their lives. It is enticing, and often reassuring, to assume destiny is controlled by humans. However, every aspect of our environments cannot be controlled by a human,…

Manipulation of Opinions with Propaganda

To understand how certain events took place in history, it is vital to look at the effect propaganda had and still has on its people. By definition, propaganda is the spreading of information that may be biased to promote or oppose one’s cause. In actuality,…

The Unique Style Of Greek Ceramics

Ancient Greece, as one of the cultural and artistic origins of western civilization, has created and developed various types of art styles including ceramics, sculpture, architecture and so on. Among, ceramics in an indispensable branch in Ancient Greek art: Greek people mixed clay with water,…

Change in Russia 1450-1750

After the death of Peter in 1724, Russian territorial expansion continued. Catherine the Great took power. She was similar to Peter in a lot of her beliefs, such as her feelings toward Westward expansion. She also defended the central monarchy. She flirted with the ideas…

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