Algorithms as Creators of Algebra and Numeral System

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As students, we wonder who created algebra, why when we subtract something from one side of the equation, we must do it to the other. As mentioned by Boyer, 'Sbu Ja’far Muhammad ibn Musa Al-Khwarizmi invented algebra. The word al-jabr means 'restoration' or 'completion' and refers to the transposition of subtracted terms to the other side of an equation; the word muqabalah refers to 'reduction' or 'balancing' – that is, the cancellation of like terms on opposite sides of the equation”(Boyer 1991, 'The Arabic Hegemony' p. 229). Furthermore, this implies to the golden rule of algebra which is what you do to one side of an equation you do to the other. Muhammad Ign Musa al_ Khwarizmi, also known as Algorismi, has impacted to the development of math in many ways. Some ways include: Creating the hindu numerical system, completing the square method for solving equations, and lattice multiplication.

Algorismi aslo created the Hindu–Arabic numeral system. This is still being integrated in our daily lives today. For example, the numbers that we use in equations originated from the Hindu–Arabic numerical system. Additionally, these numbers are composed of the ten symbols 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9. Furthermore, the numerical system holds great value in the math community because it helps us solve equations. To give another example, the position of the symbol 2 in the number 265,681 gives it a value much greater than the value of the symbol 8 in that same number. Algorismi also created completing the square method for solving equations. Surprisingly, we began using this skill in elementary school and usually end in calculus. For example, it is used to solve quadratic equations, deriving the quadratic formula, graphing quadratic functions, and finding laplace transforms. However, we manly use the concept to solve quadratic equations. Quadratic equations are any equations that utilize the x as unknown and any other variable is represented as known numbers. As mentioned by Emily, “one learns how to solve problems. By learning about the properties of polynomial equations, one learns how to solve problems. By learning about the behavior of trigonometric functions”. Furthermore, in order to mathematically solve a problem, one must know how to solve a quadratic equation.

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Algorismi also invented lattice multiplication. We usually learn this skill in 4th or 5th grade. Many people give credit to Leonardo of Pisa, but he only introduced it to Europe. According to Eric Weisstein, “The lattice method is an alternative to long multiplication for numbers”. Furthermore, we use this method to multiply two complex numbers. Lattice multiplication impacted the study of math by changing the way we multiply complex numbers.

Sbu Ja’far Muhammad ibn Musa Al-Khwarizmi also known as Algorismi, invented algreba. He created the hindu numerical system which is similar to the basic numerical numbering system we use today. He also created completing the square method which is solving for an unknown x and with other variables that are known. He invented the lattice multiplication method which is used when multiplying two complex numbers. That is how Sbu Ja’far Muhammad ibn Musa Al-Khwarizmi impacted the world and change the study of math.

Algorismi also has some contributions that affect the way we live today, that most people do not know about. Mentioned by Joseph A. Kechichian, “He also wrote an important work on astronomy, covering calendars, calculating true positions of the sun, moon and planets, tables of sines and tangents, spherical astronomy, astrological tables, parallax and eclipse calculations, and visibility of the moon”. Furthermore, Algorismi is very skilled in math, he is also very talented in other areas. Algorismi made important strides in geography. According to Mellssa Snell, “He helped create a world map for al-Mamun and took part in a project to find the Earth's circumference, in which he measured the length of a degree of a meridian in the plain of Sinjar”. Furthermore, this lead Algorismi to discover coordinates of approximately 2,400 sites that we use in our daily life today. Without Algorismi we will not know the true position of the sun. For him to calculate the true position of the sun he needed to know the sunrise and sunset, twilight, civil twilight, nautical twilight, astronomical twilight, noon, azimuth, the height or elvation, and the solar energy. If Algorismi didn’t find out that information we could never know the true location of the sun.

If it was not for Alforismi, we would of never knew how to calculate eclipse. According to Joseph DeAcetis, an eclipse is defined as 'an obscuring of the light from one celestial body by the passage of another between it and the observer or between it and its source of illumination'. Furthermore, a solar eclipse is an eclipse, and without the knowledge that Alforismi gave us, we would not be able to tell you what a solar eclipse is. Sbu Ja’far Muhammad ibn Musa Al-Khwarizmi also known as Algorismi played a big role in some of the things we know today. He was born in Khwarazm. Khwarazm, or Chorasmia, is a large oasis region on the Amu Darya river delta in western Central Asia, bordered on the north by the Aral Sea, on the east by the Kyzylkum desert, on the south by the Karakum desert, and on the west by the Ustyurt Plateau. Algorismi was born on CE.780 and sadly died in CE.850.

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