Neolithic Revolution: The Period Of Human History

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Well letś start with the easiest on the list, Neolithic Revolution. Well in my understanding before the flood we used to do the practice of Neolithic Revolution because there was so much vegetation on the earth. However, after the flood the vegetation soon depleted so then the practice of Hunter- Gatherer soon began. The practice of Hunter Gatherer is still seen even today, however the communities that practice this is unknown. In the rain forest in South America and in the dry forest and savannah of some African places people still practice this. Soon, after the people found a better way to find food and live life they ended the Hunter-Gatherer Era and soon restarted the Neolithic Revolution, however some people did not know it was already practiced. We can also see the Neolithic Revolution today from the main people called Farmers, Shepards, Gardners and we normal human itself. The reason why it is common in our community is because of the domestication of animals which is similar to having them in our house.

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Let us talk about the tools that we used to farm or do neolithic practices with. Iron weapons are actually not the first forged weapons ever made in the world. Actually the world of weapons has evolved. In the beginning of the earth we did not have to worry about weapons because the world was at peace however after the flood we used wooden tools to take care of our agriculture, hunting and weapons of war. However it evolved to become a stone weapon when were doing Hunting-Gathering work. However, in the time of the Roman empire we had steel weapons forged from any type of gold, bronze, silver that we could find and we had swords and shields as well. In the Egyptian times it is written that the had chariots pulled by horses and in the Roman games they used to ride horses in chariots as a competition and they also used horses for battles. It will only be sometimes that you will find a person ride a donkey to battle. Now we have Iron weapons that are guns and bullets in which we have right now to use for battles and those are called rifles.

Now that we are talking about countries I want to talk about the first laws that was set on this world. In the teachings of societies today you have to respect people who are older than you or are your superiors. Where you can see this is in the Asian culture and in some of the European Cultures. In the Hunter-Gatherer times people believed that a regular human should be able to feel unified with the energy of the world or all the elements. It is also a mixture of Buddhism and Taoism. Today even Confucianism is taught amongst the nation of China. You can also see this as the teachings of Moses in the Middle East Area from the book of Torah or the book of Leviticus. However, the idea soon came into the idea of Confucius who is a chinese man who developed the idea of Confucianism. See no thought can be new because someone in the past must have thought the same thoughts that you thought. I know it is weird but I hope it explains what I am trying to explain.

When we are talking about the rules of Confucianism it can also be developed as the Code of Hammurabi. The code of Hummurabi is said to come from the law of Babylon. What it mostly states is that it is one eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, ear for an ear. In the world there is the quote that states when you kill someone with a sword you will also be cut with a sword, when you kill someone with a gun you can also be killed with a gun. How John F. Kennedy was shot with a gun, or was it Martin Luther King Jr. the person who shot him was also shot by another person who can ́t be found. The code of Hammurabi was actually written by King Hammurabi who ruled Babylon. However, Babylon was captured and destroyed by the Persian which is somewhat confusing to me but it still makes sense. So when you actually talk about the Code of Hammurabi it is taught still in Arabia where the law states in some places that if you sin with your eyes, they take off your eyes, if you sin with your hands, your hands will be cut off.

Along with nations rules and economy we should also worry about the trade it did in the past as well. When the people did agriculture they helped with selling gold, jewelry, or they would often sell the animals that they had plenty of in their nation. However, in some places it was unknown till the Europeans went to other nations and taught them what negotiating and trading is about. However, we also know that some trades bring war and in Mr. McArthurs case he says or states in his own opinion that war is actually helpful for some countries. The forms of trade that used to occur often happens in Ships, and now is happening in Airplanes and Cars. Through trade we are also to increase the economy of that nation and also have an alliance agreement. However, one thing I can understand from all this is that everything has a time and that nothing is hidden under the sun and no thoughts have not been thought before. 

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