What Was The Underlying Cause Of World War I

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There were three underlying causes for World War one. Imperialism, alliances, and militarism. Imperialism is a policy of extending a country's power and influence through diplomacy or military force.The reason world war one was an immediate aftereffect of these three primaries causes, yet it was activated by the death of the Austrian archduke Franz Ferdinand and his significant other. In the 19th century European leaders wanted to create a balance of power so that no one country could dominate another. They wanted to have the major powers of Europe: England,France, Russia and Germany because they were all balanced in strength. They wanted to avoid war at all costs. But Otto Von Bismarck,Chancellor of Prussia,did not like that Germany was in between Russia and France. So he decided to make an alliance with Austria Hungary and Italy. He then tried to reassure Russia and England but after 1890 France, Russia ,and Great Britain formed their own entriente;informal alliance between states. There was tension between the countries but also inside one country.On June 28,1914 Archduke Franz Ferdianads car was fired upon, killing not only him but his wife. The group that assassinated the Archduke was known as The Black Hand. They wanted to trigger a rebellion against Austria. This eventually got out of hand and led to the terrible 4 years of war.

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Imperialism, which is rivalry for exchange and settlements, brought about tense connections between European countries. England and France framed partnerships against Germany because of rivalry for states. Germany needed to grow and assume control over Europe. Alliance frameworks were additionally the main source of World War 1, this is the place certain countries structure coalitions and battle with one another against whoever they are doing battle against. Document A shows that Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy united to make a triple-union.Imperialism prompted the three different supporters of the war on the grounds that without the pressure instigated by the government, mystery unions would not be vital. Unions, for example, the Triple Alliance, which comprised of Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy that went on until the beginning of the war, and the Three Emperors League, which included Russia, Austria-Hungary, and Germany and made pressure before the war, were made in the event of war, which would not be an issue had there not been minor clashes happening everywhere throughout the world.

On the opposite side of the war, the United Kingdom, France, and Russia were a union; this aid on the grounds that having Russia on the opposite side of the nation made it simpler to fight from two distinct sides of the landmass against the Germany union. Record B shows all the various nations pointing at each other indicating who they are at war with, this clarifies every partnership is battling each other. World War 1 has numerous different causes at the same time, Militarism, Colonialism, and Alliances are the most significant hidden causes. Nations are made up of numerous individuals, weapons and settlements. With the entirety of this joined it brought about World War 1. Alliance, the most significant reason for World War I, is the shared understanding for help made between them significant forces, their provinces, and partners that inevitably made a domino impact in maneuvering everybody into war.

England concentrated on, for the most part, developing its Navy, however, it was at that point more grounded than some other two naval forces consolidated. When Great Britain and Germany got some answers concerning Britain's solid Navy, the two of them extraordinarily expanded their naval forces. In Germany and Russia predominantly, this abrupt military development started to greater effect an open approach, it helped push the nations required to the war. The entirety of this development in the military prompted a weapons contest between all the fundamental countries. Militarism could have caused the war due to the maritime and weapons contest. 

The headliner of Militarism causing World War One was the maritime contention which was made after 1900. England had the most impressive naval force on the planet. The new Kaiser Wilhelm reported his aim to assemble a greater German naval force than Britain.

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