The Cause Of World War 1 And The Aftermath

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As the world go round, there are people who accidentally meet. Those meet become meeting that can probably change everyone’s lifestyle. Some thinks that changing everyone’s lifestyle is good for their state but then, for the poorest one is not. Because they are more effected than those richest that makes their life miserable. Being an envy individuals can start a war that can affect others.

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War is a battle between two country. It can make up a severe shocks to the economies of the involved countries. It also has many negative effects to people of the country that is involved. First, people may suffer if the two country will fight because of their conflict. People may lose their properties, especially their shelter. They will need to go out of their place and evacuate or moved in a safe area for their safety. They will be experiencing lack of food supply and the things that they will be needed. It is also possible that a disease may spread and infect people. People will panic and can have an emotional and psychological stress. Some may lose their family and can have a trauma because of the situation.

War can also damage the infrastructure in cities and can lead to devastating impact on the economic and a large number of casualties to the country. People will not be able to work because of that, armed violence will increased because of the availability of weapons. Others cannot continue their business because of the damage cause by the war that affects the lands and some of their properties. In that case, people cannot work and provide their needs because of the conflict that happened in their country.

It is possible to estimate the cost of damage on the infrastructure but not the pain, suffering and the number of deaths caused by the conflict. Soldiers and civilian will be traumatized because of what they experienced. Those who are rich can be easily lifted by their own money. But the poorest do not know where and how to start again. So the government should help to lift those who are affected by the war. Also, physicians are needed to check those who are injured or ill to cure them. No matter how wealthy a country may be, going to a war will definitely affect the economies. In short, they need to spend a big amount of money and prepare for the expenses that the conflict caused. They should supply the needs of foods and hygiene to those people who are affected       

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