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The Life and Reign of Tsar Nicholas II: the Last Emperor of Russia

When Nicholas II was thrust into the role of Tsar following his father’s death, there were many factors outside of his own skill set that created conflict and sparked a revolution. While Nicholas did not possess many important qualities that may have made a difference,...

Analysis of the Global-Scaled Impact of the Russian Revolution

The Russian Revolution had many impacts on the world around it. When the United States entered the conflict, many things started to change. The Revolution was now beginning to become something larger. From there on, it helped contribute to World War ll. The effects of...

The Effects and Controversies of Russification in World History

Russification was a policy enforced by the Russian Empire that forced Russian culture on the vast amount of ethnic minorities that live in the Russian Empire. These policies heavily affected the Poles, Lithuanians, and Ukrainians. The only language that could be spoken in Russia and...

Analysis of The Bolshevik Revolution Through Counterfactual History

Counterfactual history is an interesting branch of history that has become a very popular trend within the public eyes in the last two decades. Nowadays, people often question events that occurred in history and tend to assume different case scenarios. This paper will focus on...

Peter`s The Great Reforms: A Knot Between Church And State

Christians all over the world have been persecuted for their religious beliefs. Although the situation became better with time, it was still not ideal in the 18th century. Peter the Great, the first emperor of Russia, introduced the Most Holy Synod, and it changed the...

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