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Fall of the Empire: an Internal Collapse of Soviet Union

To determine a singular explanation for the collapse of the Soviet Union, and subsequently the end of the Cold War remains a contentious matter. While the popular culprit, economic stagnation, was in deed a major factor in the eventual ruin of the veritable superpower state,...

Soviet Union: Canadian VS Soviet-Born Perspective

The isolation and solitudinous nature of the Soviet Union influenced not only the internal perspective of its citizens but also the world view from it’s Cold War rivals. The political insights were kept from the common public and the outside. The story of my father,...

Social and Cultural Life Under Stalinism: the Life in Soviet Union

Stalin’s rule utterly transformed the entirety of the Soviet Union through strictly regimenting every facet of Soviet life in accordance with the ideals of the Communist Party and Stalin himself. Stalin’s rule did face some minor limitations in terms of irreversibly transforming the Soviet Union...

Collapse of the Berlin Wall: the Hidden Role of Soviet Union

November 9th, of 1989 is one of the most important dates in recent history. This day marks the dismantling of the wall that separated East and West Berlin. The Berlin wall was created by the Soviet Union who controlled East Berlin at the time. It...

Pointless Struggle: the Aftermath of the Fall of the Soviet Union 

“I, like many others knew that the USSR needed radical change. If I had not understood this, I would have never accepted the position of General Secretary”, that was said by Mikhail Gorbachev. Over a long period of time, the Soviet Union or (USSR) stood...

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