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Research On How Governments Gain Citizen Support

What causes an individual or group to stand up to a leader or government? History is proven that when people want a change, they will fight to get it, no matter the cost. And there are many similarities in the motivations and causes of these...

The Factors of the Success of Insurgency Groups: Analysis of Examples

Introduction The motivation behind insurgency groups often stems from experiencing harsh mistreatment, lack of social necessities, repression, discrimination, and violence from the ruling party. These experiences fuel their desire to retaliate against the legitimate government or authoritative power in place. When violence from the perceived...

The British Legislative Acts on United States

In the time interim of 1764 to 1765, the British government executes a great deal of duty follows up on America. English actualize numerous demonstrations like sugar act, money act, and so forth. These demonstrations were acknowledged by the few individuals of the nation however...

The Movement Against the United States Colonization and Power

The Great Awakening Beginning in the 1730s, a movement led by philosopher Jonathan Edwards and his followers, encouraged Christianity throughout the English colonies in America known as the Great Awakening. As enlightenment ideas arose during the time period, many were repelling from their religious beliefs...

The Regained Unity of the Colonies After the Stamp Act

During Britain’s victory in the French & Indian War, the nation had collected a national debt that reached £130,000,000. The citizens discontent was revived during this period of time due to unfair treatment from British Parliament. Although the Stamp Act allowed England to fund recovery...

Stamp Act Provisions Pertaining to Immovable Property

In any transaction that is negotiated, one of the key elements that forms a part of the negotiations is who would pay the government taxes and duties for the transaction, and this is especially true for transactions involving immovable property wherein the stamp duty forms...

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