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The Influence of Mansa Musa's Leadership

The most important aspects of this topic would be the importance of Mansa rebuilding the Mali empire. After he helped rebuild the empire they were more powerful and had a more important standing within society. The emperor who came to make a difference within their...

Mansa Musa, His Wealth and a Strong Empire

Did you know that Rihanna spends about $1 millon on her hair each year (Business Insider), Jeff Bezos bought a private jet for $65 million, and Steve Cohen's spent $155 million on a picasso painting (CNBC Make It)? That could never compare to Mansa Musa’s...

Sunjata: A Journey of the First Emperor of Mali

Abstract In the book Sunjata a West African epic of the Mande peoples by David C Conrad he shows how the Manding are a backbone of West Africa for a significant long time, this epic pursues the endeavors and achievements of the Mande’s first king,...

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