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How Ivan The Terrible Was Progressive for Russia

Throughout history, there have been many rulers that were controversial, and Ivan The Terrible was no exception. Ivan IV, better known as Ivan the Terrible, was one of the most divisive rulers of Russia of all time. Historians still argue whether Ivan IV was progressive...

The Debate Around Ivan the Terrible: A Cruel Tyrant with Tragic Past

Ivan the fourth has been debated throughout history. Was his rule beneficial or harmful to Russia? Whatever can be said about him as a person or his rule, what cannot be argued is that his impact on Russia is still relevant to the present day....

Ruling Strategies And Life Of Ivan The Terrible

Introduction The dispute over Tsar Ivan Vasilievich has been going on for more than four centuries: it began during the life of Ivan the Terrible. One of the first characteristics was given at the beginning of the seventeenth century, it is very contradictory: ugly ('ridiculous')...

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