Essay Samples on Cuban Revolution

The Tyranny of Fidel Castro in Cuba

In the 1950s the controlling tyrant Fidel Castro took charge of the nation of Cuba. Castro imprisoned and killed thousands of Cuban people that dared to oppose him as well as destroying Cuba’s economic prosperity through his connection to russia. The revolutionary leaders introduction of...

Development and Aftermath of the Cuban Revolution

Before the Cuban revolution, under president Fulgencio Batista, Cuba was plagued with unemployment and limited water infrastructure. Less than 50% of children were given education and hygiene was very poor. Furthermore, Batista was far more dictatorial than anyone had expected. He even let American companies...

The Economics Of Revolution

Che Guevara is known for his image that has been plastered on millions of t-shirts. Most of those who wear Che’s image just think that it looks cool or symbolizes defiance. Yet they generally know very little of the man and his ideas. The mainstream...

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