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Oral History and Communication Difficulties Between Student and Teacher

This research reports a case study of English majoring student-teachers’ oral communication difficulties at Arba Minch College of Teacher Education during their fourth round teaching practice. The overall aim of the study was to investigate the difficulties that English majoring student-teachers face in their oral...

The Oral History Analysis of Arab Food in Arabic Family

Arab food style and diet are changing throw the years based on different causes like climate change, geography and trade system. Now to get food is easier and fluency and that because of having different kind of markets and grocery which sell varied food because,...

The Cultural Aspects of the North American Indian History

It is important to look back to oral tradition and history as the mythic core to North American Indian cultural aspects and to be aware of oral story, together with written stones by Indigenous writers who now through academic study are producing scholarly works to...

The Annotations of Oral History: The Fort Street Mail

My grandma lived in a very different time, a simpler time. She lived also in a very different Hawaii. She lived at a time before Ala moana was the main mall, a time when Fort street mall was the most prominent. She lived at a...

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