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Anne Hutchinson: Life And Influence Of An Inspiring Woman

When was the last time you were taught something about religion in school? For someone my age, the answer may be never. Today, religion is a subtly discussed topic in our society. Within almost all education systems and work places, one can not enforce any...

Anne Hutchinson Who Started a Women’s Rights Movement

The article “The Trials of Anne Hutchinson: An Account”, written by Douglas Linder, establishes the idea that it was a crime to disagree with Puritan ideology in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Linder’s thesis was well supported with evidence by using credible sources to create a...

Anne Hutchinson's Feminism Against Puritan Faith

Anne Hutchinson has become a major figure in the history of American feminism as a forceful symbol of women's role and women's theology in the churches of America. The complexity of Anne Hutchinson’s ordeal, however, calls for a far greater inspection of her nine years...

The Innocence Of Anne Hutchinson

Anne Hutchinson is not guilty of the accusations placed upon her. As the teacher of the Boston Church, John Cotton, I believe in a covenant of faith. I feel a few compromises could be made in the colony to please both the Winthropians and the...

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