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Controversies Surrounding the Figure of the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra

Throughout history, Cleopatra is a historical figure of much debate and interest. In modern times, Cleopatra has the potential to be a mainstream role model when considering the debates on her ethnicity, race, and her intelligence. As an infamous woman, it is likely easier to...

The Life of Moses: a Journey of Faith, Leadership and Redemption

Moses is a towering figure in the history of the Abrahamic religions, revered as a prophet and leader by Jews, Christians, and Muslims alike. Born in Egypt in the 14th century BCE, Moses is known for his role in leading the Israelites out of slavery...

Exploring Invaluable Role of Jesus Christ for the World

Jesus Christ is one of the most well known historical figures that could be considered heroic and relatively important to the development of Western Civilization. The existence of Jesus and the eternal legacy he left after he sacrificed himself was one that dramatically influenced the...

Is Jesus a Myth: One of the World’s Most Controversial Figures

It would be hard to find a person in history that has been met with so much controversy than Jesus of Nazareth. According to those who wrote the New Testament, Jesus is God, who was born of a virgin, who lived a sinless life, was...

The Life and Achievemnts of Muhammad - a Founder of Islam

I chose Muhammad because he did a lot from the day he was born till the day he died. One of the many things that Muhammad did was when Muhammad founded Islam and made it the way it is now. Muhammad was born in Mecca,...

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