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Sleuthing the Alamo: Study of History Myths

In “Sleuthing of the Alamo” by James Crisp, it uncovers the mythmaking of the years to reveal the truths about the Texas Revolution. As some of the truths were often seen as by both racism and political correction, as history has been told differently in...

Historical Inaccuracies In The Disney Movie Davy Crockett

In order to meet the demand of film creation and cater to the market, Disney has announced more and more real-life adaptation projects, such as the upcoming Mulan, Miss and Tramp and Sword in the Stone, but not all films involving foreign cultures have a...

How Disney Changed History In The Movie Davy Crockett King Of The Wild Frontier

Art originates from daily life, and it sometimes are above the normal life. Fictions and film often change the true history to make film more enjoyable and impressive, and Disney movies are not exceptions either. In the film, Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier,...

Sleuthing the Alamo: The Recollection of Horrific Battle

In James E. Crisp’s book, Sleuthing the Alamo, he accomplishes his overall goal of uncovering and debunking myths within Texas history. Every generation within the 21st century has had the opportunity to become educated about Texas history. Crisp tries to relate with his readers as...

The Rivals of Leadership of Andrew Jackson and Davy Crockett

Born the same yet ended so differently, Davy Crockett and Andrew Jackson had different realitys with similar beginings. Contributions from these two defended our life liberty and the prusuit happiness. Polar opposites with different goals that in the end did equal justice. The differences and...

The Different Views and Beliefs of Davy Crockett

How are we to judge our nation’s hero’s actions from the past? There are two choices to decide how we see a person, by the standards of the past or of the present. One of our nations important figures of the past David Crockett falls...

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