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Analysis Of Robert E Lee's Leader Qualities

Robert E Lee (1807-1870), a well known military figure, exhibited epochal leadership in both Union and Confederate uniform. Lee graduated from West Point in 1829; receiving an official commission to the US Army. His emacculate record followed several victories during the Mexican-American war, acquiring him...

The Battle of Gettysburg: Leadership of General Robert E. Lee

This is a book review on the book “The Battle of Gettysburg” which is authored by Bruce Catton. During this time of the Civil War, Gettysburg, a little town in Pennsylvania, was one of the bloodiest battles fought on American soil. With the temperatures being...

Rhetorical Analysis: Speech Upon the Removal of Confederate Monuments

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The history of the US is not only marked with diversity and pride but also with cruelty and conflict in (the case of) the slave trade and the Civil War. Although the North’s victory in the Civil War characterized the decline of Confederates in the...

Robert E Lee and the Charlottesville: The Harm to the Public Peace

Robert E Lee, a Chief General in the 19th century American Civil War was fighting with the South against the North, A statue of Lee was put in Charlottesville in 1924 to commemorate his achievements in the War. However, in recent years discussions on Lee’s...

The Path to Leading Positions of Robert Edward Lee

In 1807 Robert Edward Lee was born on January 19th, in Stratford, Virginia. Lee was mainly known as being commander for the confederate army for the civil war. Some of the major wars Lee fought in was the civil war and the mexican war. He...

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