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Importance of Qin’s Terracota Warriors Tomb in Historical Side

First emperor in china was Qin Shi Huang who was the first king of Qin. Qin Shi Huang is believed to have had remarkable leadership skill and a superb mastery of the arts of war. He is also known as anti-intellectual king but also remains...

The Chinese Terracotta Armies: Loyal Warriors of the Emperor

In the ancient world, China is among the few nations with a deep culture. One of the wonders from the Chinese rich history is the Terracotta army from the 3rd century. As well known, Chinese emperors were treated with great respect since the Terracotta armies...

Comprasion of The Ancient Chinese and the Ancient Minoan Cultures

The Ancient China and the Ancient Minoans lifestyle lets us learn about the past and the way things were along time ago. They lived peacefully but at sometimes they needed to fight in wars or monsters (the Minotaur). Ancient China and the Ancient Minoans are...

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