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The Cloudy Mirror: Tension and Conflict in the Writings of Sima Qian

The Cloudy Mirror is a collection and analyzation of the writings of Sima Qian collected and written by Stephen W. Durrant. Within this book we see a detailed coverage of the writings of Sima Qian. As well as the background and causes to the tensions...

The Rise and Impact of Mao's China Regime: a Historical Analysis

China is rich and vibrant, with a history and culture stretching back over three millennia of recorded time to the Shang Era of 1250BC. Their philosophical values and traditions have narrated the complexities and intricacies of Chinese development, are older than the Western World, dating...

Disclosure of the Notoriety Depictions of Supreme China

China has achieved new significance in world history. Late course readings currently consistently incorporate a student of history who has some expertise in China. Asia's staggering monetary development in the previous two decades, and consciousness of China's enormous worldwide statistic and financial weight have picked...

Economic Success and Development: China Case Analysis

At present, many growing nations give a boost to the economic development. China is a correct example. After opening reform, Chinese economic system has saved rapid development for 30 years, which has already grown to third largest economies in the world. China is a massive...

China's Political Journey: Reflections on Reform, Revolution, and Resilience

China's political reform differs from the Western scholars' understanding of political system reform, as it does not entail changing the fundamental political framework. Instead, it focuses on enhancing government governance and management systems. The Chinese path not only exhibits remarkable diversity, unique to the East,...

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