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Historical Accuracy Of Shakespeare'S Richard Iii Paradoxical Portrayal

Richard III, a Shakespearean play based on the history of the war of the Roses which took place in England during the late 15th century, showed the political inconstancy of that era. England, as a country united for the first time under the reign of...

Role of Anti-Hero of the Villainous Character in Richard III

William Shakespeare’s famous play, Richard III, describes how Richard manipulates and murders his way to England’s royal throne. Act I of the play gives us insight on how ambitious and intent Richard is on snatching the crown from his brothers, Edward and Clarence, and all...

Richard III: The Villainous Complexity of Ideas in Shakespeare's Play

When the desire for authority is present, it is inevitable that one’s individual moral compass will be sacrificed. In Shakespeare’s historical tragedy, Richard III (1591), it becomes perspicuous that Shakespeare amplified the moral didacticism of his play by dramatising Richards character. This was achievable by...

The Search for the True Identity of Richard III in a Play

Looking for the resonances and dissonances between texts allows audiences to understand a textual conversation, which acts as a vehicle through which we evaluate changes in contexts, values and interpretations of texts. The resonances between William Shakespeare's tragedy King Richard III (1592) and Al Pacino's...

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