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Comparison Of The Military Achievements Of Caligula, Hannibal And Shaka Zulu

In the midst of one's knowledge of ancient leaders and armies, one can see the great differences and similarities they all have. Originating from one another and ending up as enemies can be seen as perplexing because the thought of them assisting each other is...

Culture Of The Impi People And Leadership Of Shaka Zulu

Southern Africa was inhabited by multiple different groups in the late 18th century. Each group had their own ways of life and interests, which resulted in many battles over territory and resources. The Zulu/Impi people were among those who lived in the southeastern section of...

The Questionable Identity of Shaka Zulu

Shaka Zulu, mass murderer or militant genius? There many different ways to view Shaka Zulu, many think of him as a mass murder due to the amount of people that he massacred for not doing what he wanted them to do but the other viewpoint...

The Reign of Shaka Zulu: The Fall or Rise of the Empire

As mentioned Shaka Zulu and his mother were very close and Shaka looked up too and praised his mother greatly, claiming her at the Great She Elephant. The death of Shaka’s mother, Queen Nandi, caused by dysentery on October 10th, 1827 – the news was...

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