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Why the Vikings Were Successful Raiders

The Vikings were Norsemen from Scandinavia and they terrorised the coasts of Europe for hundreds of years, mainly from the late 8th to the late 11th century. The Vikings, who were Germanic people inhabiting Scandinavia, were successful raiders for many reasons, some of these reasons...

How the Vikings Discovered the European Land

From the eighth to the tenth century, Birka, Sweden was a highly populated Viking city on the Baltic Sea. Bio-archaeologist & paleoscatologist Andrew Jones used ground penetrating radar to map out structures from past Birka, and found jewelry making tools through sifted soil samples. Jones...

The History and Impacts of Vikings on Our World

The classic view of Vikings as bloodthirsty seafaring heathens who raided and raped their way across the peaceful settlements of the Frankish Empire is not the actual way Vikings acted. Despite this view of Vikings as conquerors and thieves, during the Viking age of glory...

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