Essay Samples on Contemporary History

Women In Afghanistan: Violation Of Women Rights

Women in school and working have been a big topic when mentioning Afghanistan. Unfortunately, Afghanistan does not recognize that women should work nor get an education, although Article 43 of the Afghan Constitutions claim that women have the right to education. Barin Sultani Haymon, previous...

Role Of Women In Afghanistan Development 

In 1st step the NRVA surveys conducted in 2013-2014 and 2016-2017 will be reviewed to compare the women involvement in labour workforce during the years with a special focus on agriculture sector. This will give an understanding of the potential that agriculture sector has, for...

Short Term Effects Of Cuban Missile Crisis

Never has the world been closer to nuclear war as it was 13 days in October 1962. The Soviet Union and the US, both great nations, challenged each other immensely and almost let the rest of the world pay the price. The world held its...

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