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Why Did the Roman Empire Fall

The fall of the Roman Empire is a complex historical puzzle that has captivated scholars and historians for centuries. The decline and eventual collapse of a once-mighty civilization raise questions about the factors that contributed to its downfall. This essay will delve into the multifaceted...

Roman Republic and Roman Empire: Governance and Successes

The Roman Empire and the Roman Republic are two of the most significant periods in the history of the world, and their impact can still be felt today. The Roman Republic was established in 509 BCE and lasted for almost five centuries, until it was...

Roman Heroines and Mythical Women: Myth vs Reality in Portrayals of Roman Women

Lucretia, Minerva, Diana, Dido, Hersilia. These are women of Roman Myth. Formidable, powerful, and capable of great things. These women of myth enacted great change, and were revered throughout society. High-society Ladies, Mothers, Goddesses and Queens, they were paragons of strength and defiance - anomalies...

Borrowed Culture: How Greek Culture Has Influenced Roman Society

How Roman society and though was influenced by Greek Culture was in Southern Italy when the Romans interacted with Greek colonies. 'How did Greek culture influence the development of Roman civilization?' discused how the Greek culture was adopted, adapted and expanded upon, and this lead...

Three Main Reasons Why Roman Empire Lost Its Edge

Did you know that the Romans/Roman Empire lost their edge and started falling apart? These three reasons are why they lost their edge because of laziness and decline of chest plates and helmets, natural disasters and huns. These three reasons out of many are why...

Ovid's Idea Of The Creation Of The World In His Poem Metamorphoses

Hesiods’ account of creation, as we can read about in the Theogony, a poem originally written by him during the 8th-7th century BC, is much larger and has been explained more than Ovids’ account of Creation, mentioned in the beginning of the book ‘The Metamorphoses’,...

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