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Issues Brought Up By The Protests Of Ihumatao

In this essay, I will be talking about the Ihumatao protests that have been going on. I will begin by introducing the policy change that I wish to see. I will then go onto give the history of Ihumatao and what is currently happening regarding...

The Importance of Treaty of Waitangi and Maori to Childhood Development

In this discussion I have explained about myself, my hobbies and the strategies I have used for learning te reo Māori. I have also brought out an understanding about karakia and its importance in the Māori world. I believe my discussion has provided a few...

History of Maori, and Introduction to Their Culture and Traditions

Introduction to Maori culture The history of Māori migration and settlement The human settlement in New Zealand is new, when compared to other countries. There is an argument about the exact period however in the late 13th century first arrivals came from Polynesia. The Polynesians...

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