Essay Samples on Fish

Fish Species IdentifiCation: Species Discrimination And IdentifiCation, Body Elements IdentifiCation, Early Life History Stages Determination

Introduction Fish species identification is historically supported external morphological options, together with body form, pattern of colours, scale size and count, variety and relative position of fins, variety and kind of fin rays, or varied relative measurements of body elements. Gill rakers area unit generally…

Similarities Between The Fish & Human Anatomy

Studying fish anatomy is a good way to learn about human anatomy because it can help us learn how we evolved. This is because often some of the anatomy in our bodies is also seen in other creatures, such as fish. These connections in anatomy…

Invasive Species: The Asian Carp

Throughout human history, we have witnessed a variety of habitat degradations and fragmentations caused by the introduction of invasive species. Identifying invasive species and taking early action are important and necessary as it helps eradicate damaged effects to the environment. While more attentions are paid…

Bangladesh Automatic Fish Feeding System By Solar Power

Bangladesh is an agricultural country. About 65% of this sector is based on aquaculture. But for lacking of enough concentration on this sector, there are very few improvements. To make it better and easy for the farmers, we are introducing Solar Powered Automated Fish Feeder….

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