The History and Development of Bass Fishing

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Bass fishing is one of the most popularized recreational sport fishing due to a large number of stocked lakes containing substantial amounts of bass. The competitiveness of angling draws multitudes of fisherman into fishing with several amateur tournaments and, two huge fishing competitions in the U. S. the “Bassmaster Tournament Trail, organized by the Bass Anglers Sportsman Society (B. A. S. S. ), and the Walmart FLW Tour, both target Black bass. ” (“Bass”) There are a large number of bass species and subspecies both large, and smallmouth bass spotted bass as well as striped bass. They are found in all the lower 48 parts of Canada, and Mexico. Large and small mouth being the most popular due to there powerful fight powerful runs and aggressive hooksets.

While striped bass are better to eat due to the flaky tenderness, and size of the filets. Bass are a solitary fish but will occasionally migrate to areas with more abundant food supplies. The fish is an elite predator, hiding in vegetation amon roots and fallen trees catching their prey from the shadows. Bass prefer calm lakes, ponds, creeks, rivers, and bodies of warm water however they are very adaptable to changing conditions. Bass are a predatory fish feeding on small bait fish such as sunfish, shiners, brim, and bluegill. However crayfish, frogs, insects, and even small aquatic birds are apart of their diet. A bass’s feeding habits depend on several factors such as weather, season, and time of day. (“Swoboba”) Bass fishing has been around since since well the fish itself. however im not going to tell you everything since then i’m going to tell about the modern era bass fishing. In 1932 Franklin D. Roosevelt introduced the Tennessee Valley Authority the (TVA) as we know it, and that introduced Americas dam building. This caused many new reservoirs and lakes to spring up all across America including our very own Pickwick lake. With so many new lakes spurring up skeeter completely redesigned the boat giving anglers a boat made specially for bass fishing. (“Bass history”)Built by Holmes Thurman in Shreveport, LA. It measured just over 13 feet long. Made of marine plywood and having a flat bottom the boat was extremely durable able t get in the thick cover bass love. (“Classic Bass”) The boat was an excellent addition to any angler's arsenal but there was still something to be lacked but Carl Lowrance solved tha in 1957 introducing the first sonar aka. the fish finder. (“Bass history”)

As nice as the boat was skeeter still wasn't satisfied s skeeter pioneered for a new modern fiberglass boat. The fiberglass boat came with a much smoother ride, and with demand so high Ben Cook moved the skeeter plant to Longview Texas this was a huge step for skeeter. The next step for Skeeter was another expansion to the company’s current plant site in Kilgore, Texas. In 1975, they introduced a 150-horsepower, V-bottom bass boat called the Wrangler. At the time, this model was The next move for Skeeter was expanding to the company’s current plant site in Kilgore, Texas. In 1975, they came out with 150-horsepower, V-bottom bass boat called the Wrangler. At the time, this model was an extremely popular option on the increasingly expanding bass circuits. The Wrangler was Skeeter’s top of the line boat closely resembling today's modern bass boats. (“Classic Bass”)

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